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Pisces Rising Sign Houses.


Self-Projection means, the way one projects themselves out into the public eye; how others see them, though not necessarily how they really are. How one goes through life, the basic energy to secure what is needed is an instinctive self-projective measure, either within an aggressive or defensive mode.

When you put on an act, it is so real that you are not even aware you are acting; there are be times when you really are not sure just who or what you are supposed to be. In many respects, it all depends on who you are with and the atmosphere which surrounds you at the time, as to how you behave. You mix very well with people, although dislike putting yourself on show, the sense being that others might try to pigeon-hole you. You are a dreamer and try to evade reality by losing yourself within film roles or being artistically creative. You are not into direct action, rather you direct any action from behind the scenes, the film director. You are very sensitive and will move away from any sense of violence, although there are times when you will take on the mantle of champion, for the sake of another who has invoked your sympathy. You are not sure exactly what you want from life or how to obtain the dreams you have, to make them come true. Some say you might have your head in the clouds, that you give away what you feel you have no need of, others, that you sacrifice your energy in a ramified way.

What is meant by Financial Security is the way in which you protect yourself through a sense of material possessions. It implies the need to own, in a practical and material sense, so that it gives a solid foundation. You might buy a house so that roots are put down, a base from which you can work. The implication is what you would need to possess in life as a practical building block so that you feel secure.
If it’s any form of personal financial security, then you are straight into action, generally without any fore-thought or plan, and this is where you may get financially burned. Impatient for a quick killing can have you heading for a financial mess. However; you will learn to wait before making a bid, and learning that possessions are not all about ego-trips. There are some big sharks out there and they can spot a person a mile away, one who wants to ‘Cut a dash’, always the first in the queue. But you do learn that a quick sale never has a guarantee and you can be the loser into the cut-price bargain! At times, you can be self-possessed, impatient to be the first to own something and frustrated when you run into brick walls. But you also realise that ‘The early bird catches the worm!’. perhaps any new-fangled thing will catch your eye, which starts you toying with the idea for action. But you are quick to start the build-up for possessive acquisition.

The spirit of communication implies the way in which one thinks, one’s method of logic, expressed through mediums of speech and writing. It is how one communicates within the local environment, the way information is gained and communicated to others. This is an area of everyday conversation, what one might talk about and who to. The sense is light-hearted and conducted in a spirited way.
When asked for a quick reply, you might never give an answer straight away. You much prefer to mull things over in your mind, chew the cud, as it were, so that what you say has practical definition. Your voice tends to be one of charm and you are into cultivating friendships. Often; the mind can be centered around the cost of materials, while speech can always bring up the price of shopping or bills to be met. The mentality is practical and down-to-earth, you have no time for fancy talk, plain and simple is your understanding. Your word is your bond, as is your handshake, solid as brass and you possess that brand of loyalty which means you say what you mean! But when you make your mind up, you can be extremely stubborn and nothing will shake you from the set idea; although you always ready to listen to a bargaining bid… Still you don’t mind paying for a song as long as the words are beautiful!
You can purchase books on things of appeal, on gardens and flowers, things which give you forms of conversation;
You really are a charming conversationalist and, after all, manners and kind words cost nothing.

Emotional Security is all bout how one feels, one’s sense of atmosphere and how one ‘Feels’ about the past; in the way the past reflects on how one deals with the present. If you had had a good early home-life, the past kind to you, this would be reflected in the way you react to present situations, and vice-versa. Emotional Security is all about atmospheres and our reactions to them.
You might well have a library of books and feel more at home reading five books at once. Whatever happens, you are into communication and can be the family spokesman, dropping in on members of the family for short visits and passing on the latest information. You are very much at home when multitasking, disliking the idea of being tied down to dull and boring routines. Your home can have a phone in every room, even the bathroom; and thank whoever invented the mobile phone and laptop, such inventions can keep you informed whenever you take your travels, whether far away or quick week-end breaks. It can be that you are quite a restless spirit and will move a number of times, though not far from the family home. Often you will use quotes, handed down through family tradition, saying what you feel, rather than what you think. When you are in the mood to talk, you can sit up all night, talking about past happenings. You like family traditions and old ties, often inclined to spend a night in reminiscence about family history. One day, you might even take up Genealogy, to see where you stem from.

Natural Creativity implies where one has natural flair, a need to show-off what comes naturally, be it your children, creative ideas or taking a chance on romance. A gamble and sense of fun comes under the influence of natural creativeness, as does poetry and other artistic forms.
You are the one who holds the family parties… The one who gathers the family around you and feed them from a large table; or is it that you like to be treated royally, a royal guest when you visit others. You really are great at creating a good atmosphere, well at home when taking a leading role. With children, you might nag a bit but you show all the warmth in the world and children reflect in that regal glow. You can be a ‘Night Romantic’ when the mood takes you and will take a moonlight stroll. But when you are in familiar surroundings, you are the ‘Queen Bee’ or the ‘King of the Castle’, busy creating any dramatic scene through force of habit. You have a flair for collecting friends around you and making them feel at home as you cook up a banquet fit for royalty. Mind you, you will take the seat at the head of the table and might even treat your guests like children at times!
You tend to take great pride in your home and would have gold taps in the bathroom if you could. It’s all about grabbing the lime-light in a way, there is an actor or actress in you, that bit of stage management which you can manage to show off with…Whatever; you manage!

By Practical Co-Working is meant how you apply yourself to any form of practical work, and how you get along with co-workers. This also applies to your sense of time and how you deal with detail as well as the sense of tidiness within your work. This gives an idea of your method and practical knowledge as well as ideas about health and dietary habits.
When it comes to working with others, you can be very proud of the way you deal with situations and people, although there is some temptation to laud it over others when put into a position of authority. You really are at your best when organising and delegating work, that’s where you shine, where you reign supreme; and are always ready to help out anyone who gets into trouble at work, as long as appreciation is shown. Where chaos reigns, you create order through making dramatic changes and file things so others know where everything is. You are big-hearted and proud in the knowledge you are always needed, even though you take the ‘Lions Share’ of what is going! You can create this flair for being on hand and always ready to help out. You never mind as long as your efforts are appreciated; and, with children, you can be everyone’s favorite Auntie…In fact, with your flair for handling situations, you could work in any advisory position or as an Agony Aunt. You pride yourself on your time-keeping and you shine when it comes to keeping a happy working atmosphere, you really are at the heart of orderly work.

Love is a sense of equality, your sense of ‘Give and Take’ within a relationship. This implies what attracts you, a magnetic quality which draws you in. At the same time, relationships can also imply open relationships and friendships, which are not tied down to domestication. This can also have reference to business partnerships and partnerships which have similar tastes.
When it comes to relationships, you may never be sure of what you are getting, simply because, what you imagine is ‘Your Type’, might not be your type when you come down to earth and start to realise that your partner does not reflect what you had in mind. In many respects, you can be fussy in your choice, seeking another who ‘Serves’ your purpose, rather than one who wants you for yourself. You might find that the partner can be one who soon puts’ you in your place, who doctor’s the situation so you become a dependant. In the end, you learn to make it your business to look closely at any choice, to rationalise your needs so that the partnership becomes a perfect pairing. It can often be the case that you like to pair up with another who needs your sympathetic understanding, one who needs counseling and setting on a right course. Relationships are a practical experience, and you have to see the broader sense when pairing to make a relationship work.
Often; you can be drawn to another who is the exact opposite to you, so that there is a practical solution to the
Tendency for you to ‘Fall in love with love’.

Shared Resources imply the way one gains from any partnership and how one deals with beginnings and endings. This gives an idea of how one secures the self through areas of joint venture and how one sees any sense of loyalty from another. It is also assessment of basic emotions and hidden qualities which can come to light in the life.
You are determined to share whatever you and a partner have. However; when it comes to relationships, it might be you who gives more than you get. Often, it’s the case that love can come, then disappear for a time…Only to rise again in a seeming stronger bond. Those you relate to in life are never forgotten, unless there is any sense of disloyalty. This fact means you would sever all communication, never to accept any show of renewal. You might find that, with this combination, any relationship is more plutonic and a business partnership, rather than a domestic tie-up. There has to be a strong intuitive bond for this combination to work, that there is a deep sense of sharing within the relationship, more than a communicative spirit, almost as if, whoever you bond with, are soul-mates and love was fated to happen! You will relate to the deeper mysteries of life, of life and death within a relationship so that it lasts till death do you part. There can always be the bond of assurance within a relationship, that one is insured through a deep sense of what come from the shared resource, like a collaboration of music, poetry or a child.

What is meant by expansion through experience is a measure of how and what one might learn through Deeper studies, or travel to far off lands, or a mixture of both, that one might travel to distant lands and gain experience of foreign cultures which enlivens the mind. Often, this experience is geared towards a spiritual uplift.
There can be very much the sense of an archaeologist in you, you like to dig deep and are determined to uncover anything which arouses your interest. You are the kind who can vanish into a jungle, looking for new worlds and realising no boundaries. You can also have an interest in the paranormal and mysteries which can take up much of your time. Things like Psychology would also interest you, the urge to dig into the mind of others. The promise of foreign worlds to conquer can carry you across oceans, towards others who will share your deep interests, your attempts at pot-holing and cavern searching! It would be important for you to find another who would share in any joint venture, whether it be traveling across miles of jungle track or digging deep into the minds of others; mystery and learning are what you really are all about. You are really into the secrets of lost worlds and research, to study, then share this knowledge with those who are less fortunate; in a way, you dig for buried treasure, bringing to light things which were lost ages ago. You are very determined and resourceful, ever hopeful of transcending this earth-code, to rise to a higher heaven, mastering the self

By reputation and career, is meant how one wants to be seen by those in authority, and how one wants to be looked-up to, with respect, depending on what kind of reputation one gets. The implication is what one wants to achieve, within career and status in life, especially within maturity. In all, this is about how one deals with those in authority.
You might want to be an airline pilot or long-distance lorry driver; the basic reason being, that you are not tied down to everyday working hours. Certainly, career can take you far away, to distant lands. You might want to further your education so you move up to become Head-Teacher or a Guru. Care must be taken that you are not tempted to teach down to others, to ‘Preach’ a sermon, or to judge with prejudice. When it comes to career and status in the life, you do have a varied choice, but, whatever the choice, you would find that study and concentrated effort comes when you have learned to settle, to know the law of the land.
Often; it’s a fact that you are not one who likes to be tied down to dull and boring routine; freedom of the road is your motto, so you will work where you judge that there is room for expansion and growth within the company. You can be the ‘Big Organiser’, or the greatest dramatist, the world can be your oyster if you are so enthusiastic!
It is often the case that the second half of life is better for you, a time when you have learned to relax and make better judgments, when you have ‘Learned’ to learn.

By stating future hopes and wishes is meant what is expected to happen with regards to the future. There is also social order to reason with, friends, too, who might rise one up the social ladder. This is all about the future prospects, although the element of reversals are always present, and not always taken into account.
There is a strong desire to contain any sudden moves which can cause criticism and accusations, which, in effect, can bring a stain on your reputation. In this way, you are one who might well refrain from joining groups which do not have serious intentions. You prefer somber-minded people, those who are career-minded, with aspirations of reaching the top of the tree. Such friendships are cultivated as a benefit, although there are times in the life when things will not go as planned and can have some affect on the career. You can be very inventive, almost the absent-minded professor at times, as your mind delves into the future. You like to plan things in detail, so nothing goes wrong, have maps and drawings, as if going into the unknown. When it comes to dealing with unknown quantities, this is when you are at your most cautious, you will take your time with life. It’s not that you are a home-bod, it’s just that you do not care to play reckless games, or go to places where there are lawless situations which can get you into trouble. In all things, you take one step at a time and test out each move.
You are careful in your approach and make the future work for you, your social life a gradual uphill climb.

The implication here is that one makes sacrifices within the life and gives an impression to others of acting like a Samaritan; whether good or bad, depends on the nature of the personality. This is creativity of a high order, emotive and poetic, the giving without expecting anything in return.
You might well sacrifice your sense of orthodox religious beliefs, seeking a more updated and original spiritual nature which can bring you into contact with the occult. This combination can bring idealised love which overrides the boundaries of what is considered civilised. Dreams can be carried through so that Humanity becomes the ‘Utopia’, a successor to the Church. However; you could be influenced by dreams which are often nebulous and inspire illusions, giving impressions of good, whilst the reality being that one uses the sense of spiritual goodness to be the receptor rather than the giver! One might use fervour to whip up dissension against the spirit of the law. There can be deception used so that followers to the ‘Cause’ are not given the full truth. It is always possible that you follow trends you feel sympathetic to; this can depend on who your friends are and what humanity means to them.
Often, this combination can make sacrifices of what one expects from life and work towards charitable causes for the good of humanity, work which benefit’s the world within the future. Your world is often a flashing of insight, of visions, of a ‘Brave new world’; such illusions can inspire the sudden need to make changes!

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