Sunday, August 10, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you are liable to hide your light behind the curtains of uncertainty, the fear that how you act might cause others to point you out if any mistakes are made. But you learn, through time, that you are a ‘God-Send’ to those who need your advice, you can act as a saviour to those who need to feel that you one whom those who suffer can have faith in.

In a strange way, you just seem to know how to communicate, to speak the right words which will put people at their ease, make friends with all of humanity, become a healer of those who need to find another who will speak up on their behalf. You can be the healer, or one who works the ‘X-Ray’ machines, one who detects the good or bad health of patients. You work for the benefit of all and can easily sacrifice all your ambitions to work for nothing except the good grace of others.

It can also be that you would suffer from feelings of inferiority, that you need to belong to a group, so you can melt into the safety of not being identified as the leader. You might just sacrifice your identity, become one of a group who seek solitude so that insight is gained through meditation and relaxation techniques. Even so, you will know that you would be needed by those who have ill-health, who need your insight and dedication.

You can be the ‘Hippy’, one who travels to foreign lands to gain knowledge, who dreams of learning how to use ‘Yoga’ and other forms of healing, so that, on returning, the dream is to show and teach others. You may never ‘Go it alone’, move only with the aid of a group, a band of ‘New-Age; Energy-Seekers’, live in a Commune, independent of social contact. This can be what you have to experience, sacrificing ambitious dreams, before you can make dreams come true!

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