Thursday, August 7, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Ninth House, then you can experience a world full of new and exciting knowledge which will broaden your horizons, give you friends world-wide through forms of networking and updating information. You are one who will have unusual interests, wanting to know what makes the world spin and how one might know the truth of what history tells us. Knowledge is the keyword here, for you will explore any new world which can teach you something. You can be the one who works within groups which seeks to unravel the ‘Da Vinci’ code, be the leading light who reads the words on the ‘Rosetta Stone’, translating the words so that they are updated and prove to know what lies in the future. In a way, you would be very interested in the unusual, astrology and whatever source leads to the knowledge of prediction.

You can lead a group of missionaries on an exciting safari, into unexplored regions, whereby you can teach the indigenous tribes how to use the computer and spread the word of their civilization. However, you are a believer in humanity and seek the spiritual truth of universal knowledge, that we should not be classified, into groups of people but become a universal peoples who have choice of independence. You place high value on independence, especially when it means that each of us can think in an independent way, chose our own form of religious concepts, without being dictated to.
You are full of new and exciting ideas and might suddenly take off, pack your bags in a shock of new determination, to seek out new areas of examination. You do have a flair for teaching and can work as a teacher, having a class of children, teaching them updated ideas about subjects like philosophy and idealistic ventures; you can give others enthusiasm and aspirations, to become writers and experts in computers, enjoying updated communication.

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