Saturday, August 9, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eleventh House, then you expect so much from life, high aspirations and ambitions, which can give you the stage you need on which to act out your dramas. You are the one who will lead the cast, in future; play a leading role and be the ruler, the leader of the group. You have many friends, those who sit at your feet and applaud you as any delighted audience will at the end of a good act, there can even be a call for an encore, you might always expect that and feel let down if there is no such call.

In a way, you seek your personal goals and identity through your actions within a group, a class of friends who would join you at any social event. Mind you, even though you will have lots of friends and people who long to be in your ‘Gang’, you might still stand outside the arena, be one who communicates through phone-calls or on the computer, so that you retain an independent air and are not really classified as one of the gang. That way you stand alone, yet know that others will always keep in contact. You are friendly and good-hearted but need to stage your own show, you like to go on stage on your own, before allowing a cast to join the act, after you have taken your bows.

In a way, you are naturally fast and go for what you want, you go head-first, this need to arrive first on the scene can mean that you arrive before the scene is set, so you might stand on bare boards and without make-up. This also allows for an unprepared script, that you can shock others by suddenly making statements which are unrehearsed an unauthorized; which can just as easily shock your audience. There are times when you can act in a rebellious way, suddenly change the rules and walk away from a settled play, when you have a mind to do this, you will be the rebel without a cause; for this reason, you will always be in search of a cause to fight, in future!

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