Sunday, August 3, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fifth House, then you are on show and you know it, you can set the stage alight, communicating your plans for your created offspring and their future. Whatever you work at, there is bound to be a whole sense of creative originality, you simply have to be different, ahead of a group who follow your lead. There is a strong desire to make your personal mark, get your gold medal, at some time in the life; you have a flair for standing out from the crowd and creating a disturbance if need be.

You do have a flair for creating futuristic games which can be an attraction for children. In fact children and ideas will figure in your life in some way. It can be that you have plans for your children, even before they are born, as to what schools they might go to, what colleges they would attend; already assuming the children would be bright enough to have the knowledge. Again; you would even decide what class of friends your children will have, you would not want them mixing with the lower classes.
All this forward thinking is geared towards creating chances and acting in such a way that you move up the social ladder; this would prepare the way for your children’s future.

There is always a chance that you might gain from what starts as a hobby, your flair for creating is something which gives you pride and confidence that you can achieve all you setout to do. You might have to be aware of the times when you go overboard and act in a reckless manner, taking a chance with ideas which have no thought or planning.
While you do aspire to make something of your life, give your offspring a springboard to the future, you can often take chances which do not work out as you planned; in a sense, you have to watch out for the ‘Maverick’ in you, that dramatic flair which can shock others from time to time.

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Peter khot said...

Wow hard to admit how accurate this is,I have sun&Saturn in 5th house, Pisces rule 5 house, while Leo rule 10, where Mars is,