Friday, August 8, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Tenth House, then you can seek a position which gives an exciting sense of importance, a position whereby you can electrify your electors with new and evolutionising ideas, which will give all of humanity a sense of independence.
In a way, you will want to be seen as one who revolutionizes the whole procedure of government, bring down the old school so the ‘New Age’ over-rides tradition and the ‘Old Scholl Tie’ brigade.

You are the electronic wizard, the computerized magician, one who uses updated sciences to benefit humanity, the scientist who can suddenly become famous for inventing the computerized ‘Steam Engine’; you take the old, the traditional and customize it so that it does not ‘Ride the road’ but lifts off, into space… You bring the old into the new, looking back in time to invent a time machine which blasts the world into the future. You can be the one who excites us, yet you are also one who can shock a nation with your electronic machines which rule our behaviour.

Mind you; you are careful as to what you propose for future intelligence. You do not suddenly shock anyone with outlandish proposals, you will test what you propose, allowing time so that, in time, the air-waves will be buzzing, not with alarm but with expectation of new inventions which enliven humanity.
You may not be a ‘Space-Age’ electronics engineer, or a computer wizard, but, chances are, that you will suddenly find yourself in a class of your own, living in a house which is full of invented gadgets which make living so easy.
You might well follow in your parents footsteps, update the old company, have a flair for organizing generals meetings and have friends of the family who can be of help to you; but, in time, you might leave these friends behind as you seek to advance yourself, propelled into future success.

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