Saturday, September 27, 2008



A Birth-Chart is a circle, divided into twelve segments of 30 degrees each. These segments are called ‘Houses’. Each ‘House’ indicates a different area of life.

1st. House… The Self, how one goes through life.
2nd. House… Financial Security and Possessions.
3rd. House… Communicative ability and mentality.
4th. House… Emotional Security, home and the past.
5th. House…Creativity and one’s sense of pride.
6th. House… Helping and working with others.
7th. House… How one relates to others, partnerships.
8th. House… What is shared between partnerships.
9th. House… Deeper education and long travel.
10th. House… Reputation and a sense of career.
11th. House… Friendships, groups and the future.
12th. House… Sacrifice and spiritualistic feelings.

It has to be remembered that these examples of the Housings are very basic, but will give an idea what is felt when Saturn in Aries is placed within them.

What you have read so far is just the basic tensions felt when your Birth-Chart has Saturn in Aries placed there.

What is given now is the different areas of tension felt when Saturn in Aries is placed in any ‘House’ within the Birth-Chart.
The idea here is to read all the next twelve pages and see which one of them suits you best; not that you feel comfortable with it, rather it seems to get uncomfortably close to your nature.
Of course; there are many factors within the Birth-Chart which can enliven or negate the action, but the basic nature is always there and will cause a sense of frustration and heat if criticised.
I trust you all, who have Saturn in Aries, have a safe and careful journey; and do not rush but read each sentence so you do not miss your turn or race to get ahead of yourself…
As one man said…”I ran so fast, I met myself coming back!”… He had Saturn in Aries!
Find yourself in the next twelve pages of Saturn in Aries and deal with it. Seek help, even though asking for it will go against your nature. Asking for help will find you a teacher and make life easier!

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