Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SUN in PISCES in 12th. HOUSE.


When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you might sacrifice everything for love, take a chance, imagining that love plays a romantic role, that you will be in heaven when you give yourself to an ideal relationship. This combination is all about sacrifices, giving yourself and what you own up to a higher ideal, it is a romantic dream, to martyr yourself for your beliefs. So you cast yourself in the role of saviour, of one who gives up the pleasures of live, the parties and the gaiety, so that you prefer the simple pleasures of life, the simple scene and practice what you preach.

You are one who does shy away from the spotlight, keep to the shadows, allowing your high sensitivity and imagination to put you into the picture. You may not actually be a ‘Hero’, one who wields a flaming sword, who show’s off to the world, but the simple joy of putting yourself into that position, imagining yourself as one who saves the world is always a bed-time comfort, and you can dream your life away unless you wake up to the dawning light and get on with the real competition which life offers.

In many respects, this need, to dream of a higher performance can come from deeper feelings of inferiority, in that yours is a very sensitive and highly impressionable nature. You are in sympathy with all those who suffer in the world, the ‘Simple Folk’ who have no champion. You have a universal cross to bear, so you imagine yourself on a crusade, you wear the badge of courage and would need others to see this show of courage, of your service and duty to those who cannot protect themselves. You may well join the Samaritans, some secret force who sets out to save lives, or the Salvation Army, fighting for a ‘Spiritual’ victory, that peace wins over war. You may sacrifice your identity, hide under a mask, so no-one knows of your good deeds, your act in ‘Life’s’ play!

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