Sunday, September 7, 2008

SUN in PISCES in 5th. HOUSE.


When the Sun sits in the Fifth House, then you are a born actor, a natural exhibitionist, although you would be careful to work your magic on the stage, give some dramatic interpretation, though not so much the fool when it comes to your daily life. Your act is part of your work, to seek forms of career whereby you can be creative and show-off, hide under the greasepaint so that others, who meet you, are not fully aware of your true spirit.

Diversely; you are not one to accept people with open arms, you have a deep mistrust of those who greet people as if they have known them all their lives. You might act in an accepting way, but will keep your opinions to yourself and feel you know the strength of those you come up against. You do have the deep feelings which help give you impressions, that you use such sensitivity to judge people with. Often others can misjudge you, not fully understand that what they see is just a dramatic act. This judgment, of judging you from first impressions can bring some drama into your life, because you are one who has a strong sense of ‘Will’, who will accept challenges.

In life, you imagine you are very capable of achieving all forms of possibilities. If you are given a position of authority, of being in charge, then you can give a powerful act of making a career out of being at the top. It’s all about having self-belief and working one’s way up to the top of the ‘Bill-Board.’. You have many aims and are versatile, the nous to make a great ‘Escape Artist’, to remove yourself from the harsh reality of life. While you are not really into competitive action, joining the ‘Rat-Race’, you do know how to act so that others have faith in your abilities. You can easily work with children, as an entertainer or hero, finding that you can enjoy their company better, than mixing with those of your own age. Children and the aged are more your concern.

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