Friday, September 12, 2008

SUN in PISCES in 9th. HOUSE.


When the Sun sits in the Ninth House, then you can forever be in search of the ultimate dream, to travel the world in your search for fame. You might well be found looking at maps and pictures of far-away places, a dreamy look on your face, imagining what it would be like, living the dream. Again; your eyes might always look up to the sky as a plane flies overhead, wondering where it is going and who is lucky enough to be able to afford the air-fare.

It all depends on finances, as to what you can afford and where you will travel. Travel and reading are your way of broadening your knowledge, but it’s often the case that, in a strange way, finances are tied up with family responsibilities. Even so, the imagination plays a large part in your quest to explore distant horizons. Again; you might have loved Geography at school, more than any other subject, simply because your mind is geared towards seeing visions of you moving among the visitors, exploring old civilizations and famous cities, like Paris and Rome. It’s often the case that you will imagine what it’s like to be back in the past, in Biblical times, when early Christians followed the sign of the ‘Fish’.

You are very spiritual and will love to visit a church, to simply sit there and soak up the atmosphere of peace and enthusiasm of a choir singing. In a way, you use your imagination as an escape from the hum-drum of life, or the trials of having to earn money and keep the bills paid. When it comes to financial security, you can be proud of the way you work, that you can save and pay your way. You would hate to have to borrow from others, to allow them to see you in poverty; but, here again, your sympathy is easily touched and should another give you a ‘Sob-Story’, then it takes very little for you to hand over the cash and so sacrifice your determination to travel abroad…And so, out come the maps and in comes imaginative scenes and hopeful prayers.

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