Thursday, September 11, 2008

SUN in PISCES in 8th. HOUSE.


When the Sun sits in the Eighth House, then you have the dream of gaining some form of reputation, that others will look at you with respect. You want to make your mark in some way which gives you pride, and to have another to share your sense of pride, to have those round you whom make you feel good and who you can show-off to when out and enjoying yourself. You like to put yourself out in front, to gain applause for your actions; however, the problem is that, on your own, you may feel less confident. You understand that you don’t have to put on a brave front, a brave act, so you keep quiet and become less impressive. In a way, you can be who you share your time with.

In a way, you have two sides to your nature, the one side is positive and showy, good-hearted and brave, with a willingness to do anything for your friends. Then there is the emotional and sympathetic side, highly imaginative and keeping this side secret to the self. It can be that, when with a partner whom you like, you might then share this softer, inner-nature, this shy and sensitive nature, which lacks the hard confident front you wear out in public.
But there can be times when you are not sure when the bravado stops and the sensitive impressionable nature begins, life can be like that, not sure what side to take on, when endings come and beginnings start.

There will be a time when you might finally let go of the act and take on a partner with whom you can just be yourself, naturally sensitive. But, to do this, means you have to back away from friends and a good time, to settle into the background and live a quiet life with your chosen partner. This giving up the ‘Good Life’, making the ultimate sacrifice can be asking too much of your nature.
Your course is set and it can be very hard to effect changes!


St.Clair La Rue said...

Really cool, completely dead on.

Raven Henderson said...

Wow! I love your notes on the Sun! Do you have more?