Saturday, July 26, 2008



The Aquarius Sun-Sign is termed as being…

This implies that the basic nature is positive and direct with a need to communicate up-dated ideas. The mind can be quite fixed, stubborn, so that once the mind is made up then not much will be said to change it. The nature is very friendly, though some might find the thinking radical, with a need to join groups who share a ‘Like-Mind.’

The name given to Aquarius, the ‘Water Carrier’ can give people the wrong idea, thinking that the nature is emotional. But the ‘Water Carrier’ is really a pitcher, carried on the shoulder of a woman, is really a pitcher of spilling ‘Air-Waves’, depicting new ideas which are expressed as freedom of thought. The Aquarian loves company and can act outrageously, especially if it goes against the rules laid down by the more staid and conservative of our society. Often, it is the Aquarius mind which will cause political unrest and upset so the laws of the land are updated and with humanitarian aims to make things easier for all of humanity.

The Aquarian can be very ambitious and has aspirations to climb the social ladder, not to become a member of the ‘Higher Classes’ but to work and speak up for those who are under threat from dictatorial governments. They consider themselves to be the voice of the ‘People’, those who are afraid to act through fear.

The nature is to look to the future, to make future plans and to often predict what lies in the future, especially if the future could be made to cause changes which educated the masses. Basically; the nature of the Aquarian is to be different, to be independent-minded!

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