Sunday, July 20, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eleventh House, then you will realize that, to get to the top in a career-driven way, you have to have friends in high places and belong to a privileged social set. There is no doubting that you have a flair for working hard and the urge to create openings which will get you to the top, but aspirations and ambition is not enough unless you also have a flair fro working with co-workers.

It can be that you need fellow co-workers to group together, to form a union which you can lead so that satisfactory working conditions can be met, as are structured working hours and rates of pay. You understand the need to network, to gain the right friends before you can put your plans into operation; in your life, you might well have to learn the rules of time and motion, of the right time to strike and break away from traditions, to upgrade the whole form of the operation and networking systems, without upsetting those who are from the old school, those who wear the olf uniform and like the old traditions which their fathers had used before them.

It can be hard to act as a reliable and conscientious worker, to follow the rules and act in a coordinated sense with your fellow workers, when, at the same time, be at the head of a break-away group. The need is to find an ideal time, to know who you can delegate to, to chose, then lead the delegation into a high-powered meeting and get results. You cannot break the law, even though there can be some dramatic scenes. You need to come out on top, if you are to gain the reputation and status needed to lift you within career. You’ll need friends in high places and low; the cunning of a politician and the strength and backing of humanity, so that your ambitions are reached.

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