Wednesday, July 2, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Tenth House, then you can be proud of the position you reach within your life and career, the keyword is ‘Status’. You are one who seeks to attain a high position, whereby you are the best one to make judgments, as a critic or, perhaps, as a ‘Head-Teacher’. You see yourself as one who is judged as being honest and thoroughly reliable, with the ability to take something and re-structure the composition, that it becomes useful again. You have the necessary drive and determination to create whatever you feel needs amputation, the bad cut out so that the new can be fitted, that the object is fit for wear.

You are not one who others can work out to quickly, in that you can easily adapt and change, like a chameleon, whenever you need to escape from the hard ‘City’ life. It can seem, you are what your environment is. But this mutability does not stop you from taking over the reigns when you feel the time is right or dreams need to come down to earth. When you need to, you can become proud of the way you work with others, step down off the ‘High-Horse’, roll up your sleeves and work with the rest of the workers on the shop-floor.

You are a good ‘Time-Keeper’ when it comes to clocking off and on, when it comes to time-watching, you keep your mind on the job, even though your nature is to be over the hill and far away.
It can be that you choose another, to whom you hand down the task of keeping others in order, so that you get time of for good behaviour. In this way you can still be responsible and keep thing in good running order, while you seek other interests. Often; when it comes to career and status, you might spread your net over a wide area, so that you draw many concerns into your business life, dealing with those who are impressed by the way you keep things running in good order.

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