Monday, July 28, 2008



When the Sun sits in the first house, then you are known as a ‘Double Rising Sign’. This means that the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the moment of your birth. A ‘Double Rising Sign’ means you act in a natural way, what one sees is what one gets with you; you do not hide behind a ‘Mask’.

You are not one who wants to be seen as ordinary, you have your own ideas as to just who and what you are and want from life. You promote yourself as a ‘One-Off’, an ‘Independent-Minded’ and ‘Forward-Thinking’ person. You can be radical and will create some dramas within the life, certainly when it comes to relationships. In a way, you are more into groups and friendships, rather than a domesticated ‘Marriage’, more as a leader than just one who stands back and lives quietly within a commune.

You will want to make your mark, let everyone know just who you are and what you intend to do. In a strange way, you do need to belong to a group, relating, so that you get some idea of how you are accepted. But you will break away, the idea is not to accept another’s rules and regulations. You have your own ideas as to how things should be run, with you as the rule-maker. It’s not that you are tough; generally, you are generous and warm-hearted, forward-thinking and sometimes outrageous, in a bid to be noticed.
But when it comes to relationships, that’s where the problems start!

Relationships can suddenly break-up simply because you want to be first, to be considered as a prominent ‘Number One’, the ‘Golden Child’; for this reason, you stand alone, as an ‘Independent’, one who has ‘Self-Promoting’ ambitions and who expects another to help in this promotion.

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