Saturday, July 19, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Ninth House, then you might work your way round this world, seeking a home which feels comfortable to you; you might climb the highest mountain, scale the heights of the business world, start from a very rocky base and steadily climb till you reach the proud position, the apex of knowledge. In a way, you travel a road of information, seeking to learn, so you reach a pinnacle which gives a feeling of status, a reputation of being able to spend a length of time in deeper study and travel with broadens your knowledge, your emotive horizons.

Career and status is your main concern, to gain a reputation which gives you a sense of security. You might gain a ‘Professorship’ or become ‘Head’ of a college, whereby you make yourself at home and your status becomes secure. One problem can be is that others might put pressure on you, expecting you to pass all examinations with flying colours. You are a universal student, always aiminf for high qualifications. You set your sights on what is needed, the books and lectures, at home with homework, studying for a final test.

The past has a lot to do with you, family traditions, treated as a Prince or Princess, being shown and taught, taken on a geography lesson, a trip around the world and even space exploration. But you also want to do better than the rest of the family, surpass your father, perhaps, get the top results, which result in you being crowned the new King or Queen, looking down on your empire and aiming to start new traditions.
In life, you would have wanted to get the gold stars on your
School books and the stamps of approval on your passport so that you can show off these medals, that you have achieved your goals in life. It’s a fact that you don’t hope to achieve high marks, you work hard for what you get!

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