Tuesday, July 29, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Third House, then you can be considered to be very communicative, with a need to communicate your needs through forms of group effort. Your ideas can be a leading force in this world, making you many friends, pen-friends and through networks, so that you can write what others see as brilliant ideas; although others might find your mind too radical and rebellious.

Your interests are wide and varied, that you do intend to see your name emblazoned in lights at sometime in the future, to have ambitions and aspirations to be known world-wide. Your views are independent and lean towards humanitarian aims, so that you will speak on behalf of those who cannot speak up for themselves. Your knowledge is well-intentioned, geared towards the future. In many respects, you sometimes think you can second-guess the outcome of what goes on in the world, predict the future.

You would be interested in many strange and unusual cultures, making friends of those who study such unusual practices as Astrology and the like. It is not that you speak out about breaking the law or leading a riot, but you do know how to lead the thinking, so that others follow and applaud your motivations, which can lead to governments and other leading lights to look at things in a different way, you your radical ideas cause sudden changes to policies. No matter who anyone says, they will not cause you to change your mind-set, as to how you think about those who suffer as social outcasts in the ‘Third World’.

You will learn all kinds of knowledge in your life, have many aims, to study and to travel. To search for what is true in a spiritual light. Your mind is geared towards becoming a ‘Leading Light’ in the world of knowledge, you can see the future within computers and groups throughout the world!


:) Dary said...
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:) Dary said...

Hi there... i just wanted let u know what u left the same description of aqua in the 3rd house here.. hope someone can fix it, since i have a stellium in aquarius in 2nd house.. and this might help me in my research.

Thank you so much