Tuesday, July 22, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you might have to find a way of reaching the top of the hill, without sacrificing your career. In a strange way, it can be that you have a partner who will act as your front-person, while you keep out of sight. It can be that you are attracted to another who wields power, who has a reputation, so you can gleam some of the light from this energy. Often, it’s a case that you will join another, one who holds a position of trust and responsibility, so that you work together, a union which secures you a position without having to take any form of test or exam.

This does not mean life is all plain sailing for you, or that you will work for others in the sense of sacrificing what you gain, giving all to charity. While your nature is charitable and giving, a problem is there tends to be some lack of confidence inside and, while you might act courageous, you are not really built for the competitive spirit which can elevate you to a higher position. So you sacrifice your inner strength, allowing one you relate to, to take over and, in this light, you copy the example, giving an impression of being ‘Hard-Headed’ enough to care only about gaining ground, what you need to get to the top.

You are one who prefers to work from behind the scenes, the one who secretly pulls the strings, who gives your strength to those you relate to, so they do as you command. You will reach the top in the end, but not without you making some hard decisions and making sacrifices!

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