Monday, May 19, 2008



You are very adapt at self-promotion, in that you are quick to let others know you are about, your presence turns heads and you light up the room when you walk in. Communication is very important and you will quickly introduce yourself to others, a brilliant smile is your weapon.

Indeed; you are not into inharmonious atmospheres, you like to have peace and tranquility and are at your best when bringing warring factions together. You have a show of tact and diplomacy, which is part of your strength.

You will always initiate communication; in this way, you would have many friends, those who value your leadership, you will not be left behind when it comes to making your opinions heard. Even though you can be at odds with the more conservative thinking, you win hearts through your sense of politeness and friendliness.

You can easily be into political and humanitarian groups, with an idea of balancing the political scene, giving action to those who have nothing, so that ‘The Haves’ give to those who need humanitarian aid.

You relate to a good social life and put yourself forward, when it comes to promotions and acting out scenes, but, as sweet as you seem, you can be a rebel at heart and fight well for social injustice, act on behalf of those who are treated unfairly. You will make gains through creative abilities, that’s a fact.

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