Sunday, May 4, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fourth House, then you are habitual in the way you like to keep things in their right places. It can worry you to find things moved from their normal positions, you will fret until things are sorted and you feel comfortable, at ‘Home’.
You are one who will write and make mental notes, lists which remind you of things you have to do; shopping lists and house-notes are items of necessity, reminders of the past, useful as items of remembrance.

Worry has a way of keeping you on the ball, small details are gone over, you dislike mess and will tend to make sure all the house-work is carried out, the washing spotless, you will examine everything with a large magnifying glass, noting missing parts and putting those in a ‘Mind-File’, making mental notes to deal with the situations. An untidy home can get on your nerves, even a voice which is brash and uneducated can have an effect, scraping at the nerve-ends.

In a way, your past has been a training ground of sorts, your memory is a collection of ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts’, lists of what was a duty towards those in authority. It can be that you would feel that your mother had a list of house-rules, which you followed, and this pattern became part of your life-pattern, your past directing the way you now think, that you now follow the rules perfectly, a tidy mind, gained from a tidy past.

You can gain recognition from your work and keeping to whatever is memorized. It has to make perfect sense and so you will tend to rationalize whatever you come up against, testing and comparing it with the past. It means that, if you go down one route and it works out perfectly well, then you see no reason why you should not always use it. A problem comes when the route is blocked, that’s when changes get on your nerves.

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