Friday, May 30, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you might always be confused as to whom and what you want, as far as relationships go. You can be attracted to a ‘Phantom’ figure, a high idealized romantic screen idol, one you worship from afar, who is always out of reach. In this way, you might search far and wide for the one who can lift you up, one who has a sense of authority. You can be drawn to another who is powerful and has a reputation in some way. Yet, in reverse, you might want to relate to those who see you as the one who is in authority, who does as you want and who worships you in some way, so that the person comes down to your level.

It has to be realized that you do have an expanse of imagination and might use this sense of creative energy to become attracted to those who might wear the uniform of sacrifice, such as Nurses, who make sacrifices of their time and energy to save the sick and hurt. You can be attracted to anyone who serves in an unselfish way, a healer or one who is married to a higher authority (One who belongs to a church, for instance.) It might never be clear just who or what you want, perhaps to have what another has, someone who is already married. The possibility is that, whoever you relate to, the imagination creates a high ideal, yet, once relating, the reality is disillusionment and disappointment; what you imagined is not the real truth.

The truth can be that, psychologically, you can suffer from forms of insecurity and inferiority, that you need to relate to one who can pick you up and give you a sense of personal pride, to put themselves beneath you, so that you gain a sense of superiority. It is not as hard as that, but, when it comes to love and relationships, you will need special treatment, or just sacrifice love altogether, or find it at work!

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