Monday, May 12, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eleventh House, then you are one who will seek to lift yourself up the social ladder through forms of group effort and the friends you make. By nature, you work in a very conscientious and cautious way, never too quick to trust the obvious; so ,in this way, you are careful as to who your friends are and will forge friendships with only those who work in the same frame of mind as yourself. In a way, it all depends how you can service others and as to how others can be of service to you, which defines your idea of friendship.

You are an idealist to a degree, although your idea of idealism has to be rational and have a practical outcome, otherwise you see no use to it and will leave any group who endorse such impracticalities. You are what your friends are and how you all spend your time as far as enjoying yourselves go. You like to be ‘In the know’ have a good idea of what is going on and will, generally, take the lead or take the chair in meetings. You take a lot of pride in your working relationships with others and make yourself more than useful. As far as social recreation goes, you are not one who seeks the spotlight or spends time at discos and the like. You can be the Chairman of the local ‘Working Man’s Club’, the one who shines wherever practical service is needed. You can be relied on to take things rather seriously and not rock the boat of conservatism.

There are times when your thinking is inspirational, but again, you will make sure of the details before you pass it around the club. Your aim is to move up the career and social ladder, but it can be hard work before you can be the leader; you might have to learn to trust your feelings and to stand up in from of the judges so that your credentials are examined under a fine magnifying glass, before you are seen fit to take the lead.

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