Wednesday, May 7, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Sixth House, then you shine when it comes to being the architect of any ongoing concern, ready and willing to be of assistance to whoever comes calling; your time is always on hand to specify directions and in showing others how to create whatever is needed to solve a problem. Again; you can pride yourself on rarely making a mistake and, should you do so, you would be quick to spot it and rectify the error.

At times you might doctor any error so it is healed, you are into perfect health and can always run a health spar or gym; or be into any organization which is into health foods and forms of activities which create herbal formulas and therapeutic remedies. You can show-off a perfect routine and have a good sense of timing so that things you set out to do run on time and keep to schedule.
You can gain a reputation for being one others can rely on, always on hand, one who will work the hours and with a good sense of co-operation with colleagues, although you will like to take charge and be on show.

You seek personal goals through your dedication to work and will want this order to be recognized with some form of applause, the ‘Gold Watch’ at the end of the day, a token of respect, in recognition of your work, from those in authority. After all, you are a faithful servant to those who employ you, you consider yourself fit to serve whoever and whatever comes your way; because, at he end of it all, it is through your active creativity that others have risen to the attainable height of perfection.

You would recognize that a fitness regime gets things in perfect working order and you have the organizing ability to create the rota so that everyone lends a helping hand in seeing that it all works, whatever you care to oversee.

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