Tuesday, May 13, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you can dream away, your ambitions sifted through a fine maze of doubt until they drift away. You do have aims, one can be to help those who need your service in a practical way, you see yourself as offering practical solutions to those who are socially disadvantaged, not only giving advice but through practical help, providing the tools which would help the starving grow their own food.

You see the spiritual ideal as being in service to those in need, as well as serving the ‘Lord’. Your pride is in building bridges across troubled waters, helping the socially deprived to spend their time in useful ways, to understand the reasoning behind order, that an orderly mind will bring the spirit of working in a group effort brings dividends. You can put yourself to sacrificing your time and effort into traveling to places, the ‘Third World’, where you are best used, teaching others how to plan and organize themselves so that their spirits are uplifted.

You can also have an interest in the health and safety of those who suffer, worry over nutritional values and work, so that the poor and suffering are served the right proportions and brought back to health. It can be that you choose the praise of those who need you over the wealth and treasure that hard work might bring, that the treasure lies in your goodness of heart, that wealth is in welfare and not in payment for your time.

In time, you can be of service, working within voluntary groups, leading a group of workers on a spiritual crusade, doing work on a practical level, being the architect who draws up the plans, which can save the poorest of humanity.

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