Friday, May 9, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eighth House, then you will seek another who would share your sense of perfection, who would share your ideas so that, between you, you create a perfect working atmosphere. The point is that you might feel ineffective until you meet another who can cause changes within the lifestyle, so that you will gain a sense of power. There is some need for personal transformation (Perhaps to have a perfect union so a child is born, which causes you to work in a way that serves the purpose, of parenthood!)

It’s often the case, in youth, this combination can produce a sense of rebelliousness within the nature, one seeks to want to be independent and away from the ties and rules of the family unit. In this way, life needs another who can make this streak of rebellious nature see sense and calm down. Thus a partner who will share this form of rationalization and light will bring balance to the partnership, causing change to come to the surface, so that you see the ‘Light’.

There is always a tendency to seek self-transformation through intimate relationships, in one sense a break-down of the mechanics so that the parts can be restructured, cleaned and re-assembled, rather like an engine finely tuned. This re-structuring can be brought about through understanding of the nature, consciously, a need to see how things work, so that you might always be breaking or taking things apart and putting them back together again, satisfied to the working mechanism.

In a way, a shared partnership has this effect, that you relate to one who can supply the intimate mechanism, a re-fit, so that your workings are in proper order and perfection in what you try to do is achieved, it takes the balance of a partner and the partner’s resources to allow you ease of a smooth performance.

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