Thursday, May 1, 2008



When the Sun is within the first house, then you are known as a ‘Double Rising Sign’. This means that the Zodiac Sign of Virgo was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the moment of your birth.
A ‘Double Rising Sign’ means you act in a natural way, what one sees is what one gets with you, you do not hide behind a ‘Mask’.

When it comes to projecting yourself; you are quickly into action when it comes to giving a helping hand to those who need help. This is your main function, to be seen as one who can quickly set themselves to the task of solving problems, you can be the home-doctor, making house-calls; though you are cautious about how you act and can work from behind the scenes.

You have an open and generous nature, always seemingly efficient and might take to wearing a uniform of some kind, which gives you a sense of identity and authority. You would try to get things working perfectly, often fussy and can with an eye towards marking and pointing out mistakes. You are not one to show-off, to walk about, shouting your orders, it can be that some people are not even aware of your status, that you sacrifice your energy for the sake of others. In a way, your dreams are to be of service in a spiritual way, to be in a position whereby you can put your hand to helping others, to get behind them and heal their worries.

You can have an interest in medicine, or other therapeutic practice, dealing with herbal treatments. Your nature is to heal and to set things running in perfect working order. You are creative and will be instrumental in creating scenes whereby they make perfect sense. You are trusted and are well organized, reliable in what you set out to do; one who works for the benefit of others, the real power behind the throne, so that you can always be in demand.

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Twelve Months Of Gardening said...

Brilliant Ron This is the first time in my 68 yrs. that someone has astrologically described me as I am.