Wednesday, May 21, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Third House, then you can talk for the world and, even when you don’t talk (That would be a first!), your wide, disarming, smile would be communication enough, that you love everyone. Communication is very important to you, you relate quickly and easily to one and all, so that you can reason out whether others like you or not, you can sense the air, the communicative attitude whether you need to walk away or stay and enjoy a good conversation; that’s why you are an active talker.

You are mentally creative and can act in a dramatic way, using gestures to dramatise the speech. Siblings can have a dramatic effect on your life and you like to draw them into conversation, keeping the family together through talk. With this combination, one has to be wary of telephone bills, you are capable of holding three ongoing conversations at once, when it come to relative communication, you are not one to allow the air to get stale, so you move about, restless and are not one to sit quietly indoors. You will go out visiting, meeting friends within the local environment, catching up on the gossip and being on show, showing up!

You can always advertise yourself, draw attention to yourself through your appearance, the clothes you wear, your hair, it’s all done for effect and to get noticed, to have admirers, those who are attracted by you and the way you present yourself. Your laugh is very attractive and you would certainly enjoy a few hours of flirtatious behavior, even though you might quickly tire and move on to another who is drawn to you.

Your actions are dramatic and you will quickly speak up on behalf of those who are being treated unfairly, you are for the ‘Underdog’; but you are not into long drawn-out wars or aggressive behavior…All you like is to be ‘Liked’!

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