Friday, June 27, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fourth House, then you can always travel back in time, turn your home into a church, or find sanctuary within the solitude of prayer, trusting in a higher faith that things will turn out fine. What is written is quite fanciful, though you are one who has high ideals and will find emotional security through forms of faith and proud to have a background which holds religious views. It can be the case that you might even wish to travel to lands, such as the Middle East and Egypt, areas where religion sprang from. You might well choose a home which has a church nearby. This does not imply you are a religious fanatic, simply that, by nature, you are a spiritual person and can show this within the d├ęcor of your home, so that a peaceful atmosphere is created.

History can always attract you, museums, whereby you can feel at home, wandering the halls, stopping to gaze at the staged projects, losing yourself in the ‘Timeless Zone’ of ages past. You can be one who sets out to draw up a Family tree, hoping to find a distant relative (You might be surprised to learn that a members of the family were transported to Australia!)
You feel that you are quite happy to uproot and can settle anywhere in the world, as a traveler, perhaps at home in a caravan or mobile home. Your home is within dreams, expanding your empire, always imagining yourself in a larger house, needing more rooms, expansion. Psychologically; your search is for freedom to express yourself, to find a place of natural peace, a heaven and haven for you and your family.

In a strange way, you can always feel at home wearing a uniform which gives a sense of protective authority. You might never wear a Nun’s habit, or priest’s robes, but you might always wear a gold necklace which symbolizes your faith!

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Anonymous said...

very true, ive this sun in 4th house placement. I love history although i Dont have this background, i like meusems, i always see in dreams big houses of unknown person who has left that home. Those homes are with many rooms, i move in one room, then next, then next. Many things n plcaces to explore in those houses.