Wednesday, June 18, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Twelfth House, then you really feel that you have the power to make dreams come true, you can change the whole set so that you change the scenery and force another ‘Shoot’. There can be times when you might simply disappear from the scene, seeking a place of solitude, a quiet place whereby you might just study and gain a sense of deep spiritual enlightenment. In many respects what happens is that you undergo a form of spiritual evolvement (Rather like Jesus, who vanished into the desert for forty days, to re-emerge as a new ‘Being’.)

You are on a spiritual quest for the truth, determined to ‘Dig’ up the truth of reincarnation and the like. You are into mystical happenings and occultism, black magic can also hold your imagination, powers which can illuminate your dreams of uplifting the soul. You can also use your imaginative strength to give you feelings of confidence, using dreams as a uniform of convenience and higher authority, almost like a priest’s robe, to become holy untouchable. One has to be aware that too much allowance of imagination can cause an over-extension of religious mania. However; your time spent in study and travels, within a cultural informing context, will give you the strength to teach others about the truth of making sacrifices… You are a martyr to a cause!
It is a fact that you can always work your heart out for an ideal cause, sacrifice all that sustains you so that your soul might be saved; your dream is to share a higher love, to bring comfort to those who need succour. There is a need to seek recognition for your higher ideals and the need to share your knowledge.
Your nature is to be enthusiastic, to go about, enthusing others and very able to think and work on different levels. Travel and study are important so, in a sense you would be very adapt at ‘Astral Travel’, night-flying to places where there are no conscious borders or barriers. In dreams you can do anything!

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