Wednesday, June 4, 2008



The Scorpio Sun-Sign is termed as being…
This implies that the basic nature is somewhat cautious and introvert when out in the public arena. One is fixed in attitude, being extremely stubborn when the feelings are upset, unable to accept change. The nature appears cool and reflective, on the face of it; but the emotions boil and bubble away underneath; for this reason Scorpio can be called the ‘Iceberg’, because one might only see the tip of the nature, unable to fathom what the feelings are or the thoughts behind the mask.

Scorpio does not give too much away, this is the nature of Scorpio’s psychology, to act in a defensive way, that others gain no knowledge of the Scorpio’s weaknesses. The Scorpio is more attentive to what others have to say, listening intently, while psycho-analysing the weakness of the speaker. This form of intuitive reasoning is the ‘Shield’, the armour which helps protect the emotive nature, so that, should another make any forms of personal attack, the Scorpio will retaliate through forms of knowledge, gained earlier, get one’s own back!

Generally; the Scorpio is very loyal to those they share their life with. They are not into heavy social activity and do not allow too many friends to get close, they will have associates but only a few ‘Cronies’, close friends they feel they can trust. Others can find the Scorpio nature hard to understand, often wary when around the Scorpio, who, if need be, can create an atmosphere which others find unbearable, the Scorpio’s silence making the air heavy with threat.
The Scorpio will work to the death, determined to finish what it starts, this is its strength.

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