Sunday, June 15, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Eighth House, then you will need to find another who has the power to bring you back to life, to romance you in such a way that you feel ‘Reborn’. Even though you do have much personal strength and huge amounts of ‘Will-Power’, this energy can become useless if you have no-one beside you whom can set you alight, dig up the remains of what was, the smouldering embers and rekindle the flames.

Inside, there is some dramatic interplay going on, a fire of determination which can, if lit, cause you to make complete changes to the life. Such changes can often come to light after the birth of a child, that you then become the power, the one who takes over the role as personal achiever. It can be that you can have some form of mediocre work, hidden away, out of the footlights… Then, having given birth and, resume work, but now return to a job which has some drama and fire in it which puts you on centre-stage. This can also mean that you make the child your chosen career, pouring out all your energy on this bright light, your creation, so that the child is put on stage, helped out into the light so others can see how proud you are of this creation.

In a way, you will need another who can be the instigator of the birth, the one who helps build up your nature so you then create the burning light, give birth to the child, play out your dramatic role, so you live through the goals achieved through your creativity. Inside you are the seeds of fate and the time will come when you become fertile, ready to create the play, or procreate the child.
It’s a case that you will seek intimate relationships, from which comes a sense of emotional security that encourages the desire to transform the life, it can be within life-or-death situations, but you will be the benefactor, the one who gains through a ‘Will’.

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