Tuesday, June 10, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fourth House, then you can be very proud of the way you can make changes to a home, deconstruct, then re-construct, so it suits your purpose, that the atmosphere suits both you and your partner. In this same light; you are one who can be determined to raise the family up, to rise from poverty to become someone who takes a personal pride in what you, through hard work and perseverance have become, the head of a new regime, the head of a new family name.

You like to project yourself as one who can really cope with whatever you have to deal with, you can manage and are at home being a shop manager/manageress or one who manages the family business. You may never feel that you need to ask another for help, that you feel you can do everything on your own, this can be a matter of pride for you, though it can also cause problems in that you see yourself as a private person and will not allow people to call without an invite, or to come into the home so that it feels like an invasion.

In a strange way, you are the door-keeper, the one who stands on guard and makes sure that no-one enters the palace, to steal the family jewels, especially the crown which belongs to you, as King or Queen. Here again is what makes it hard for you, that you pride yourself on managing everything yourself; but it can be so hard to watch out over such a large property… In the end, you would have to accept that there has to be changes, to accept the fact that you have to share the home, your palace or underground cavern, with others who can help with the domestication of those whom you keep as a family.

You are never one to divulge secrets, you will keep your treasures, those which you dig up from the ground; but you must remember not to dig a hole for yourself!

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