Sunday, June 1, 2008



Some say that still waters run emotional deep
Creating any deep sense of chosen atmosphere
Self-contained and fixed, with no desire to weep
But your depth of feeling is, to strangers, never clear

Your creative drive is to face life with all dignity
That others realise your sense of strength
You share with those loyal your intense creativity
But stubbornly defy those who test your length

What is not needed is your will to tear down
Erecting new structures, constructive in desire
You create good from bad, not allowing to drown
In poor soft emotion, you spirit of ice and of fire

Strong-willed and efficient, cemented in mind
Your Sun is plutonic in its volcanic power
Once set on a path, there is no other notion to find
Any altered course, no mental fearful cower

In spirit, yours is to share in relative sense
None is more loyal or fierce in all protect
Your partner would see your heart full intense
No stiffer your back, no pride more erect

Poem by Ron S King.

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