Wednesday, June 11, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Fifth House, then you are one who is happy to put yourself on show in some way. You can be into drama and will seek a partner who will share centre-stage with you. It’s not that you can’t do everything on your own, but you do have a flair for creating dramas and then getting hot under the collar. Mind you, there is a strong sense of pride going on here and you can become over-proud, so that it can cost you dear if you cannot walk away from something which you cannot handle. There are times when you put your heart into something and can work till you drop, but all to no avail if you don’t get your money’s worth.

When it comes to finance; you do have a flair for business and will work your heart out, especially if you have children whom you want the best for. But, here again, you would have to have a shared interest, a joint bank-account, with another, you feel, you can really trust. You can create areas whereby finance can be accrued, you are naturally confident in your own abilities to discover where the ‘Golden Goose’ is hidden and are determined to capture it so that it gives you the ‘Golden Nest-Egg’ you strive for.

It is often the case that you become the foundation for others, that you create the wealth so that others, your children and partner, take advantage of. You have the capabilities and the ability to take drastic measures if need be, to be the one who will charge ahead and lead the attack. You can easily understand where the weaknesses are, when it comes to attaining want you want, to open up the gaps so that you climb through financial defenses. When it comes to ability, you have the ability to make changes to any situation so that it works for you; even though such changes mean you might have to start again, from the bottom and work your way up to where the light shines, right on the money!

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