Friday, June 13, 2008



When the Sun sits in the Sixth House, then you are one who can quite happily take on all the work and use your strength and determination to over-see that all runs like clockwork and you are left in charge. In a way, psychologically; you can, on beginning a new job, make changes to the way things work, move the files around, re-structure the rosters and codes, so that others have to come to you and ask where things are. In this way, you can undermine the regularity of the previous occupier of the position so that you, as the new ruler, make your mark and, by doing so, become indispensable to the whole working community… You become the mainspring, the one whom co-workers rely on.

You are never happy being on the bottom of the pile, you are the one who others need to communicate with, to discover where the help lies. You deliver the goods, the written correspondence which brings things to light. You have the ability to uncover codes, to decipher hidden meanings and work tirelessly in research, working your heart out until you get some answers. In a way, you are the Chief Interrogator; not in a nasty way, you don’t have to be, but you are very intuitive and can use psychology to work things out in your head, a criminal investigator, one who is able to work under-cover.

You do have a flair for communicating your needs, to voice your opinions and make out reports with a grand flourish. When it comes to getting things done, on time and in style, you are the one who shines under pressure. You are not one for lateness, often early and you also want to make your mark, make a name-plate for yourself which hangs over the office door, a plate which invites others in so communication can develop. You can delegate the work if need be, but you would much rather do it all yourself!

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