Friday, February 22, 2008



When the Aries Sun sits in the Tenth House, then career and status have a large say in your life. The tendency is to put control over the self, to be careful as to how you are viewed by others, so you may dislike open shows of public display.
As you grow, you will gravitate towards gaining some form of reputation, you need to be proud of some form of success, to make it big in some way, even if the manner is somewhat stage-managed.

Of course, financial consideration comes into it. There is no way you would want to end up a beggar, or to gain a reputation for being mean-hearted, there’s too much pride at stake. So, for this reason, you ill seek higher employment, whereby you are known for your responsible attitude and willingness to put yourself on the line. It can be that ‘Self-Employment’ is the ideal situation, to work your own times and manage your own life.

In many respects, your are a born ‘Manager/Manageress’, in that you can cope with whatever life throws at you. It can be that you prefer to work for a large organization, so that you have insurance, you would not be removed from office, that pride does not come before a fall.

Often, with this combination, career and a position of importance can be placed above all else, that everything else takes second place, that children can be placed in boarding schools or in private care, so you can continue to work, proud, you feel, that your earnings can afford such luxuries. What money can buy is of secondary importance, the fact that you might have a career of high status is far more important to you, he important thing is, through your work and diligence, you can establish your personal identity, your ‘Highway Code’!

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