Friday, February 29, 2008



When the Sun sits in Taurus in the Second House, then you can bet that finance, property and a materialistic outlook are a strong part of your nature. You are really not into dealing with rubbish, if you have anything old, then it will be an antique of worth.
You will make yourself secure financially, through ownership and can be very possessive, although not greedy. You do have a strong creative drive and can be proud as to how you use a sense of creativity to amass finances. In a way, what you have, what you own is presentation of your personal identity.

What you buy, sell, wear and use, are all part of your sense of ‘Showing-Off’. You might wear a solitaire diamond ring, or a Rolex, to prove your worth. It’s a matter of pride that you can afford the best and the latest. Again; what you own is the hallmark of your security. A ‘Flashy’ dress-sense and jewelry can always be used as a means of acquiring relative conquests, to attract the opposite sex. Your taste are sensual and passionate, so that you would have a need to lie alongside you on a ‘King-Sized’ or ‘Queen-Sized’ bed.

Though you have acquired tastes, you are not in such a hurry that you are willing to rush into things. You take pride in your ability to gain what you want through sheer persistence and determination. You are not one to be pushed around and like a settled way of life, a plush living quarters, baths with gold taps which show you can splash out when you need to.

By nature, you move fast and like to be first in the queue, the rules are ‘First come, First served’. You make no apologies for your ‘Selfishness’, it’s just that you take pride in creating ‘Golden’ chances which pays dividends. Mind you, there are times when you will make ‘Big-Hearted’ gestures.

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