Thursday, February 21, 2008



With the Aries Sun in the Ninth House, you will seek to broaden your mind through travel and through forms of study. Mind you, you are not really into heavy-duty material, reading Shakespeare and the like, simply because your heart is more into intrepid travel, to be off, exploring new worlds, to open up new territories and to gain the praise and applause from those who admire your exploits.

You can tend to go over the top, be the one who stands up in front of the crowd, loving the act and expanding it till others think you just do not have a care in the world. But, although you might be a dare-devil on the outside, it is inside which is often shaking. You know, half of your act is just that, an act to cover your feelings of vulnerabilities.

You would have many aspects and facets to your nature, many strings to your bow, but unless you find something which really holds your interest, you are liable to spend a good part of your life, searching for something which, you feel, would make you complete. Sure; you would have friends galore, the leader of the gang and willing to do favours for everyone, heart-wise, you are larger than life; but when you consider it, you are always too far in front for others to catch up, so that you are your own constant companion.

Pride is another thing which can hold you back. You might be too proud to ask for help, you are the one who helps others in a royal way, so you would never want to be seen as one who would condescend to others.

You can be the King or Queen who is always on a quest, searching for the Holy Grail, for a quiet life and a good Knight or Lady… Instead; it can be a houseful of friends and happy children, with you, the master or mistress of them all!

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