Friday, February 15, 2008



You do intend to make your mark, to put your personal stamp on whatever you relate to. You do take pride in the way you write and what you have to say to others, often leading the talk so that conversation swings your way,

You are not shy when it comes to relating with those who you are attracted to, you are one who will instigate speech, asking what others think about whatever subject you care to discuss, You can relate to all people and discus any topic under the Sun.

Some might see you as being, mentally, too arrogant, too argumentative; but you are only aggressive if you feel you are being treated unfairly, that others make personal remarks. Generally; you will use tact and diplomacy.
However, there can be times when you can speak out, become petulant if others wont listen to you, at such times you might walk away, to seek out others who will accept your word.

Your mind is highly active, full of bright ideas, which you try to activate; mind you, when the mind is running at full speed, the words can tumble over themselves in a speed to get them out,
But you can always find something to say or write, you are in demand and are not one for staying in, allowing the mind to grow stale.

You can be a social butterfly, the one who seeks a partner who will make you a ‘Royal’ couple. You will have others who like to have you by their side, to brighten up any social occasion. In this way, your diary might always be full of ready dates, your phone-book full of numbers, all those who sit, waiting for your call.

However; you might not be happy to have just one ongoing relationship, you need constant communicative stimulation and have gold-edged calling cards. Whatever happens; you will want to see your name up there in large shiny lights!

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