Saturday, February 9, 2008



I’m me, you see…Don’t you agree
If life is a war, I want victory
Watch me run fast round the track
And meet myself on the way back

I’m three, just me, myself and I
No time to watch the world roll by
If you can’t keep up, then you’ll find
I’ll be up-front and leave you behind

I’m ball-chain lightning in a spin
Whatever I do, I just have to win
Everything I do is never rehearsed
I don’t care, as long as I come first

I’m the spring in my step, first in line
The fastest bullet is always mine
Speedy, not greedy as others think
I want what I want before I blink

Don’t ever blame me, myself and I
Blame the flaming stars in the sky
Whatever I do is done on the run


You like to feel financially sound
Possessing what gives a sense of worth
In life you know that value is found
Owning secure stability on this earth

You build foundations in steady climb
Slow but sure and keeping account
You value the sense of working time
The security which comes from amount

You have charm, whether Bull or Cow
And an eye for any bargaining sound
But you’re stubborn, fixed in any row
You wont give up, you stand your ground

You like some time so you can think
Quick decisions are not your Bull-Thought
Fast dealing is not your meat and drink
Good food and living is what is bought

Owning and possessing is the intention
To financially secure your full liberty
Never give words like hardship a mention
What you own is what set’s you free!


Do you mind if I air my views
And if I do what head do I choose
The giggly one or the one with the muse
Heads you win, tails you lose.

Now I do like to talk about this and that
I always have time of day for a chat
Just let me put on my local gossip hat
No wonder I’m thin, no time to get fat

I’m off on the run, no time to linger
Multi-task person with telephone finger
Shout at the kids and still be a singer
No time at all to be a family clinger

Most of the time I am into my head
Arguing mostly against words I have said
Till I’m blue in the face, or is it red
Single-minded is one thing that I dread.

I’ll have just a quick word, before I go
Well, it might be quick or it might be slow
I have the news, don’t you just know
But I aint got the time now, I’ve got to blow!


I’m an old pair of comfort-slippers
In a familiar silver picture frame
I like to know my larder is stocked
And everything stays the same

I like to know where old things are
Be the Rooster or Mother Hen
Head cook and chief bottle-washer
The writing from an old quill pen

I am the home-protecting shield
Castle walls are my defence
I really feel vulnerable outside
But when in, let battle commence

I feed on all my sweet emotions
From a full memory’s natural store
My home, my kin, my album’s full
Could dear Cancer want no more

I am not into making changes
As long as all my family are fed
My past, memories and happy days
And a good roof over my head!


I’m always a proud sort of Leonine soul
Proud of my kids and my protective role
So full of the Sun and big in my heart
But when my back's up, don't make me start

I’ll work my heart out, just so you know
Whatever it is, I will give it a go
Give me some water, a crust, anything
I will give you a banquet fit for a king

I can create a dramatic part in a play
Actor, the hairdresser, whatever you say
And I will take a gamble, given the chance
And anything for a bit of romance

I am a leader who creates all the show
Proud to help out all the people I know
All of my entourage, come kiss my paw
I’m regal and let out a loud royal roar

You often find me, stood out from the crowd
The life of a party, laughing out loud
But don’t let that fool you, take me for a ride
And then you’ll hear the roar of my pride!


Now; I’m no fool and I’m cool,
And I play by perfection’s rule
All things in neat working order
No writing over margin’s border

I like wealthy, healthy attitude
Diets and nutritious organic food
I will go where I feel I’m in need
Offering suggestions so you succeed

I plan things down to the last detail
So that my plans never will fail
I’m indispensable, one’s last real hope
I never flap, I simply just cope

What seems impossible, I make clear
Even though I might interfere
I’m really just perfection’s machine
I’m antiseptic, everything’s clean

I’m the one with the material mind
I think in ways of motivation kind
What I say is for your clear benefit
Leave me alone to get on with it!


I’m a social butterfly, I cannot deny
Asking the questions; what, where and why
I live and love to set all things right
Harmonious relationships kept in sight

I try to balance my life, if that fails
I can fluctuate wildly, unbalanced scales
But I need to understand just why
You relate to my thinking, ‘I’ to ‘I’

I need to talk, to understand me
There’s no harm in that, don’t you agree
I think I’m ugly, you don’t think that
I’m so slim, you say; but I’m so fat

I can be a very flirtatious cuddle
But I cant make choices, I get in a muddle
Social calendars are all set to dating
Get myself dressed to go on relating

I’ll do the talking so about me you learn
Enough about me, now it’s my turn
You’ll find me good company all the while
You bask in the glow of Libra’s smile


I am a secret, can’t you see
No… You only see the tip of me
I am an iceberg, my emotions in stow
My head above water, my secrets below

You wont really know all my strengths
I can read yours in intuitive lengths
I only share with a partner I trust
Loyalty gets the dough, enemies the crust

Call me a fixed-natured dark horse
I’ll keep riding all my set course
I finish whatever I get to start
Dare to upset me, then feel stings’ dart

But I’m loyal and a sharing friend
Working, always, right to the end
Passion and sensuality are truly mine
But tight control keeps emotions in line

Intensity has me on the edge of the chair
Ice cool but heat beneath me somewhere
Scorpion is what gives me deep love
But I am also the eagle, who rises above.


Outrageous, audacious, honesty’s tongue
Enthusiastic, elastic mentality’s run
No sense of time, but a great sense of fun
A maddening philosopher is Sagittarian Sun

This jovial joy has curiosity’s musing
To seek whatever the eyes find for choosing
Never stands still for any time’s abusing
Runs off at the mouth but oh so amusing

This twin-fold horse, be it stallion or mare
Lives horse-life to full without a care
Grazing on books or will travel anywhere
With all of natures time to stand and stare

If a soul is down and needs lifting up
Drink from bold Sagittarian’s deep cup
A sip of encouragement, enthusing sup
And any old dog soon becomes a pup

But when things become serious in look
Out comes the claw of spirited hook
To read you a sermon from your holy book
And you have to listen, by hook or by crook.


Cautious action is your middle name
Your reputation means such a lot
Whatever happens, you’re not to blame
You make sure there’s no ink-stain blot

Time is your work, your career too
These things are important traits
Important, no mistakes are in view
Slow up-climb is high-office gates

Aware of critics, fingers pointing
Your good behaviour is information
It’s not you who is found disappointing
You’re a dab hand at delegation

You’re high-order, head held high
Passing orders down the long line
Serious intentions get you on by
Though kiddy-goat fun is always fine

You hold yourself to high esteem
Slow-climb is your career task uphill
You really have no time to dream
High reputation is your life’s thrill.


I’m humanity’s friend, I think you’ll find
I always tend to keep this in mind
I wish the world all of the best
For friendship, peace, and all blessed

I’ve a rebellious mind at times you see
To change archaic laws which disagree
I can see futures’ financial face
The starving and the arms-war race

I’m a guessing game, a strong intuition
I know before my minds’ recognition
Part of me grounded, the other insane
But never to the past will my mind remain

I live in a futuristic kind of way
A spiral of colours is my thought’s display
Up in space plus feet on the ground
I want life upgraded next time around

I’m structured to a social scales ladder
A social party where things get madder
But I look to the future and there I see
The Aquarian mind as it wants to be!


When the world gets rough, I elope
To a dreamy land where I can cope
I swim with the tide, a rainbow fish
I’m a very plastic-elastic fanciful wish

I swim in subtle waters of emotion
None can dive that deep in my ocean
I take on any shape of sand I sieve
And can act like any company I’m with

I am receptive, deceptive, I can change
My watered spirit is up for re-arrange
Sacrifices are something special to me
Floating on a pool of soft love’s empathy

I can see pictures and do magic tricks
Conjure up a dream of life so it sticks
Non-solid, misty and intangible am I
More fluffy than white clouds in the sky

Mould me like plasticine, make me real
My tears are salt-water, I cry when I feel
My body is a container, keeping me whole
But I am Pisces, body, heart and soul.

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