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21 March - 20 April


Two-fold is this rushed sign in onward express
Ever joyous to the new day, rambunctious Ram
Yet there’s a part in all its fleeced gentleness
Sedate in its first greeting is the sweetest Lamb

Aries fiery heat is not metal in its molten form
Or eyes which spark in ever tempestuous rage
It is softness although fleet in its welcome warm
And quick to read into love then turn the page

At times this early sign is quickened in step
To see the needs wanted to fulfil life’s new joy
Aries laughs as new moves brings added pep
Each new experience then brought to full employ

Sweet Aries has the turn of natural speed
Which governs the swiftest homeward course
But it comes with giving, disallowing greed
And is not endeared to the sense of force

Red Mars rules this Zodiac's first rated sign
But it has best be remembered of this Ram
There’s always a softness in the dual line
In the fires heat lies the softest, cuddliest Lamb

Poem by Ron S King.


The Rising Sign; often called the Ascendant Sign; is that sign of the Zodiac which was ‘Rising’ in the Eastern sky at the time of one’s birth. The Rising Sign is the way one will act, how one projects the self out into the public arena.

Here is a list of those with Sun Signs, which will have an Aries Rising Sign…

Aries Sun in the First House…
Taurus Sun in the Second House.
Gemini Sun in the Third House…
Cancer Sun in the Fourth House…
Leo Sun in the Fifth House…
Virgo Sun in the Sixth House…
Libra Sun in the Seventh House…
Scorpio Sun in the Eighth House…
Sagittarius Sun in the Ninth House…
Capricorn Sun in the Tenth House…
Aquarius Sun in the Eleventh House…
Pisces Sun in the Twelfth House…

Next comes a brief write giving the basics of the Aries Rising Sign as it goes through the Houses.


Self-Projection means, the way one projects themselves out into the public eye; how others see them, though not necessarily how they really are. How one goes through life, the basic energy to secure what is needed is an instinctive self-projective measure, either within an aggressive or defensive mode.

You really project yourself as one who goes straight to the point of what you are after. You tend to be head-strong and willful, no sooner have you set your sight on what you want than you set about attaining whatever it is. You do not think about the consequences of any action, your speed is automatic, and for this reason you might well be accident-prone, rushing about, your head being the part of you that meets with collision. You like to be first in line and do not have time to wait for others. However; there are times when, if captured, your fiery attitude can become somewhat shy and subdued…But never for long!

A problem can be that you are short-sighted, that your energy is fast-fuse and can burn out quickly. The same with aggression, you can become aggressive as to what your aims are, but the anger does not last long and you then wonder what the fuss is about when others still have feelings of discontent at your outbursts.
You dislike being held back and show a free spirit to the world. To you, the world is forever a brave new world and you want to be the first to take what you want from it!


What is meant by Financial Security is the way in which you protect yourself through a sense of material possessions. It implies the need to own, in a practical and material sense, so that it gives a solid foundation. You might buy a house so that roots are put down, a base from which you can work. The implication is what you would need to possess in life as a practical building block so that you feel secure.

You like to acquire the best of things, the best money can buy, so you save up for the things you want and understand the idea of possessions. When it comes to acquisition of personal possessions, you are never rushed. You build up with patience, being practical and down-to-earth with negotiations, you know a bargain when you see one, although you don’t buy cheap.

You like to understand whether, what you buy, will rise in value over a time. For this reason, property and items of good taste will always interest you. You do not dream about ownership, you put in a practical application to purchase whatever gives you the right to own.

You might well enjoy gardening and have a liking for the finer things in life when it comes to food and wine. But first comes the idea of property and those things which give a sense of security. If you look in junk-shops, then you look for antiques. You understand the art of a patient build-up and will wait for as long as it takes to get what you want to possess. Financial security is the thing here!


The spirit of communication implies the way in which one thinks, one’s method of logic, expressed through mediums of speech and writing. It is how one communicates within the local environment, the way information is gained and communicated to others. This is an area of everyday conversation, what one might talk about and who to. The sense is light-hearted and conducted in a spirited way.

You are one who likes to communicate your ideas quickly and with variation. You are not into long, drawn-out, speeches, preferring quick visits to exchange items of gossip and then it is off, to relay information and gain more insight. You can always pick up a phone and have a chat with a brother or sister, whilst doing the cross-word and watching the television soaps. You like to multitask, express with your hands and keep busy…‘A busy mind is a healthy body’ is how you think.

There are times when you can be contrary; quick-witted, you can use your mind to get in and out of situations by saying one thing one day, and another the next, ever caught in two minds and being ambiguous with meanings.

But you are mischievous and enjoy a joke, always clever, you never intend any harm and can escape with a quick explanation.
You are no great traveler, you will travel, but prefer visits within the local community, visiting places of interest and keeping in touch with siblings. Like your mind, you dislike being tied down to boring routine.


Emotional Security is all bout how one feels, one’s sense of atmosphere and how one ‘Feels’ about the past; in the way the past reflects on how one deals with the present. If you had had a good early home-life, the past kind to you, this would be reflected in the way you react to present situations, and vice-versa.

Emotional Security is all about atmospheres and our reactions to them.
You would be well aware of your feelings and how you feel about atmospheres in different places. There can be times when you might feel physically sick, when an atmosphere is not right, and you will leave, to return to your own home where you feel so much at ease.

You do relate strongly to the past and can always have photos and other memorabilia which give you a fine sense of history.
You are a collector of things, arranging them in order so they remain like well-behaved children.

You can always manage, whatever happens in life; and your main action is to feel that you will always manage to put a roof over the head and to feed your family. You are not into change, liking things the way they are, what you are comfortable with… Having things and members of the family around you which allow you well-settled emotions…You are at ’Home, when at home.

It is a case that your home is your castle, where the pressure is off and you can relax; outside, in the open, you would feel vulnerable and open to attacks of the kinds you are not used to.


Natural Creativity implies where one has natural flair, a need to show-off what comes naturally, be it your children, creative ideas or taking a chance on romance. A gamble and sense of fun comes under the influence of natural creativeness, as does poetry and other artistic forms.

You are one who understands the enjoyment of life, to play the field, to act out any melodramatic scene, with you taking centre-stage. When it comes to the sun-shine, you are the first to laze out in the heat, to put your feet up, especially if another is there to serve you cooling drinks and make you a banquet…In respects, you are the king or queen and like others to know your position in life.

You are quite prepared to do favours, just as long as others show appreciation, even screaming adulation if possible, you don’t mind taking a bow. When it comes to romance, you’re a child. When it comes to a gamble, you will be proud to risk all!

You do have a special link to children and can bond quickly, here again is the sense of organisation, that you will organise youngsters so they fit into your scheme of things. You have a natural creative flair for enjoying yourself and taking those along with you, who you care to choose as your friends. You can be very creative and will take great pride in what is created by you; usually there is a flair for design and hair-styling, which comes with a strong sense of romanticism.

When you laugh, the world laughs with you and your sun shines!


By Practical Co-Working is meant how you apply yourself to any form of practical work, and how you get along with co-workers. This also applies to your sense of time and how you deal with detail as well as the sense of tidiness within your work. This gives an idea of your method and practical knowledge as well as ideas about health and dietary habits.

There are times when you like to examine things closely, in a critical way. You do seek perfection, your mind is technical, a note-book which you refer to when you want to put things in order. When you work with others, you like to keep tabs on the time work takes and you might well work in areas of time and motion. Basically; you go wherever you are needed, Virgo influence is such that, if you think you serve no purpose, are not needed, then you will go elsewhere, somewhere where you are needed; your purpose is to be of service. You can work well in the service industries, anywhere, where you can be on hand.

You are the one who others can rely on, conscientious and determined to tidy up the mess others leave behind. You are the perfect Private Assistant, the one who checks the files and folders. If things are not right, then you worry and this can have an affect on the nerves. You are into factors of health and good dietary habits, often reading from medical books or keeping a noted check on how you feel; everything working fine.

You have a special affinity with children and can be the children‘s ‘Favourite Aunty’.


Love is a sense of equality, your sense of ‘Give and Take’ within a relationship. This implies what attracts you, a magnetic quality which draws you in. At the same time, relationships can also imply open relationships and friendships, which are not tied down to domestication. This can also have reference to business partnerships and partnerships which have similar tastes.

When it comes to relationships, you find love is a basis of ‘Give and Take’; each partner must put in an equal effort, otherwise things do not work and love becomes all one-sided. Again; you may well find it hard to work on your own, needing a partner to balance yourself, one you can communicate with, one who might help you make your mind up.

You are a communicative spirit and are not one to stay at home. You are the ‘Social butterfly’, often flirtatious, always ready to be a ‘Party animal’. You promote attractiveness and charm, a charming host who justifies your existence with the brightest of disarming smiles! You really are not one to be tied down with domestic harmony, preferring to be free, maybe with a partner on each arm, to balance things out!

Often; you try to please everyone at the same time, which can be tiring, that’s the time to rest and re-charge the batteries.
Balance is the thing with you, trying to reach a balance in all things; as well as choice, you can find it hard to make choices, so that you need another balanced opinion to relate to so that it balances your own…Or does it?


Shared Resources imply the way one gains from any partnership and how one deals with beginnings and endings. This gives an idea of how one secures the self through areas of joint venture and how one sees any sense of loyalty from another. It is also assessment of basic emotions and hidden qualities which can come to light in the life.

You are intensely loyal and expect the same consideration from those you associate with. Not that you relate to many friends, preferring one or two people you really trust. The lover you relate to is one who you will share everything with, what you have is what you give! There are times when you will have to over-ride your suspicious nature, and other undermining emotions which bubble away beneath.

You are very challenging and determined to finish whatever you start, your strength of will is possibly the strongest in the Zodiac, as is the depth of your intuitive sense and psychological drive to change things! Your inner drives are to insure that things are safe,

That no accidental mishaps can catch you or your partner out; that’s why you have an interest in insurance policies and tax-relief, along with Wills and Inheritances. You believe in fate and have strong insights but you do not leave anything to chance. You understand the need to let go, when the time comes; intuitively, you know that, in life, there are ’Beginnings and Endings’… ‘Births and Deaths’, which affect the life’s cycle.


What is meant by expansion through experience is a measure of how and what one might learn through Deeper studies, or travel to far off lands, or a mixture of both, that one might travel to distant lands and gain experience of foreign cultures which enlivens the mind. Often, this experience is geared towards a spiritual uplift.

You can always be the horsy type, the stallion or mare, who wanders wherever, at free will, stopping to graze at times but always moving in a curious way, knowing no boundaries. You aim to travel far, abroad, to see what lies over the hill. Or, you are the dedicated student, forever with your head in a book, expanding your knowledge, always thirsty for more.

You may even combine both, so you travel to distant lands, seeking evidence of foreign cultures and learn in that way. Yours is an adventurous spirit, a good sport. Freedom of body and thought is your nature, restriction, border-lines and fences are not!

You are not the best time-keeper in the world and might never turn up for a date, your curious nature getting you side-tracked down other avenues so you forget what the time is! To you, there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the promises you make. Mind you, once something does catch your interest then you will remain faithful to that interest, even adding to it with all the enthusiasm in the world.

You are always hopeful of something turning up, always ready to bet on your luck
And more times than not, you are right!


By reputation and career, is meant how one wants to be seen by those in authority, and how one wants to be looked-up to, with respect, depending on what kind of reputation one gets. The implication is what one wants to achieve, within career and status in life, especially within maturity. In all, this is about how one deals with those in authority.

You are very aware of what constitutes the law as far as rules and regulations go. You dislike putting yourself on show, whereby members of the public can point accusing fingers at you; you are not into making a public spectacle of yourself. You are cautious as to how you act and will gravitate towards a career which affords you the protection of anonymity, shielded beneath the umbrella of a big organisation.

You would sooner work as a trusted Number Two, leaving the decisions to Number One, so that any mistakes are not yours, but belong the one above you.
You are good at judging times and with delegation, following orders and instructions. You can stand aloof from the crowd, seeming to sooner look down; although the real need is to be looked up to by those beneath you.

In life; you persevere, working your way up carefully till you sit on top of the hill, career safe and judged to be in charge of your life. Reputation means a lot to you and you will intend to gain a certain standing within society by the end of your life. You obey the law and respect its function, one of the old guard!


By stating future hopes and wishes is meant what is expected to happen with regards to the future. There is also social order to reason with, friends, too, who might rise one up the social ladder. This is all about the future prospects, although the element of reversals are always present, and not always taken into account.

This is all about expectations, what to expect in the future, often making plans ahead of schedule; and this often gives sudden reversals to plans due to the mind forgetting to make room for unforeseen circumstances. It is found that the drive to be always in a rush to arrive, can bring on forgetfulness, simply because the past is in the past and never looked back on.

There is a lot of inspired thinking and, often, impulsive moves within this housing, sudden thoughts which may seem unreasonable to those left behind. Friendships and group outings are an important social factor here, the need to communicate ideas and keep an update on the ‘In-Crowd’.

However; one has to be aware that, should the need to update old laws become an obsession, then the law can be broken and one accused of being a rebel. The inspired thinking of the Eleventh House can make one either a highly inventive person or a complete rebel. But, even when rebelling, one cannot see what is wrong with shaking the tree. You are a humanist, understanding that if the world needs a sense of balance and that the laws must be in line with a sense of equality, if not, then your kind will see to it, in future!


The implication here is that one makes sacrifices within the life and gives an impression to others of acting like a Samaritan; whether good or bad, depends on the nature of the personality. This is creativity of a high order, emotive and poetic, the giving without expecting anything in return.

This is all about making sacrifices, a sense of giving, without expecting anything in return. Your search is within the higher realms of spiritualism and can give a need to act as a Samaritan in some way. Often there is a need to undergo self-expansion, to take a self-cleansing spiritual journey, to draw into the self an essence of right and wrong, the need to rid the self of sins and guilt through absorption, through prayers.

You might visit the sick or those who need faith and belief, give comfort to the unloved. You have so much faith in a higher cause that Holy Love is your Spiritual Home. However; because the sense is often nebulous and inspires illusions; it can also give impressions of good, whilst the reality being that one uses the sense of spiritual goodness to be the receptor rather than the giver.

You have your dreams, though you may never stay around long enough to make them come true. There can always be a hard time keeping one’s feet on the ground, because the head is away up in the clouds and seeking escape from harsh reality, one might well sacrifice the strength of living for a pillow of dreams.

This is the impression of the Twelfth House, that one might be the Sinner or Saint, even a mixture of both!

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