Tuesday, February 19, 2008



It is often within relationships where you shine; and it’s often a case that you choose a partner who will tend to dominate any situation. It’s not that you are weak-willed, it’s just that you need to feel proud of who you are with, plus the need to have someone by your side who will make the decisions for you. This form of sharing gives strength to the partnerships, so you both see things with one pair of eyes.

In a strange way, you are not one who likes to make decisions, that such decisions cause hurt to others; you may never know how to be blunt and say ‘NO!’. So, a partner who can relate to decisions and say ‘No’ is to blame for any refusal. That is the thing, you seek approval for how you look and what you wear and can always take notice of your partner, trusting in his judgment.

In a way, your sense of worth and search for personal goals might only be gained through some form of marriage, to a career perhaps, married to your job, or through meeting another within your work.
It’s often a case that friendships are formed through the groups your partner belongs to. You can be attracted to someone who knows people of importance or of a higher social bracket. In this way you can rise within the social order, ‘Keeping up with the Jones’. Whatever happens, with this combination, there has to be pride and standing which shines from whomever you align yourself to.

In a most strange way, you might try to keep your own personal identity by joining in an unorthodox union with a partner, an open marriage, whereby you keep your own name.
One thing is certain, is that you will have your eyes on the future, especially what aspirations you have for your children and grandchildren, if not for yourself, you expect good things for them and from them.

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