Monday, February 18, 2008



The ethics of work and working with others can be a main concern with you. You are always early, hating to be late for anything, and like to show others how things might work out. One thing is very certain, in that you really take pride in your work and can be quite skilled, seeking to gain some kind of reputation for the work you turn out.

You might not be happy working among others, simply because they might not be able to keep up with you. Psychologically; your determination to time yourself and be precise is one way of making yourself indispensable to a firm, so that you gain praise and are risen to a higher rank.

You are very capable of giving good advice and will issue instructions that others follow. You can always be in that strange position whereby you have the ear of the Bosses, but trusted by the work-force, perhaps a good advocate, one who works for the good of the whole.

Health and diets can cause some concern at times, because you like to keep fit, though you can be prone to worry and over-anxious about any criticism aimed at your output. It is best to give some time to forms of Yoga and learn meditation techniques, which slow down anxiety, plus eat food at regular times.

You can suffer from forms of bowel problems, simply because you keep a tight control on yourself, so that inner tension causes times of holding yourself in, especially if you feel under challenge to finish a project on time. You are one who will accept challenges and can work all the hours under the Sun, rather than give up, or allow others to see you weak,

The reputation you earn for working hard and through inspired service to others can undermine your energy resources if you don’t learn the art of timing!

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