Sunday, February 17, 2008



This combination, of an Aries Sun in Fifth House, can produce an amount of being over-proud and over-confident when dealing with life. You would have to be aware of your need for gallantry and a rush to prove your abilities and achievements in whatever you take on. You do tend to be very sportive, though not to much of a watcher, more a player, one who participates and likes to play upfront, so others can see and make sing praises to such dominant spirit.

You are not really a stay-at-home, one who sits quietly, watching old films on the television. You are more the intrepid explorer, one who likes to set out on new travels, to expand your nature and set new personal goals for yourself. There can be times when you have too many aims and will take on too much, proving what a big heart you have. Another problem can be that you can change track and lose interest, especially if something new, exciting and has an air of romance comes along.

You like speed and might become a racing driver, a restless spirit who likes to do things in a confident way. You are also one who will practice what you preach, a fiery pulpit preacher who lights the way for others. Should you learn the art of patience, then you might easily gain recognition through your creative capabilities. You can give confidence to others, urging them on, so they act in a way which gains you a reputation as a teacher and instructor.

Your heart is there to give pleasure to others, to act in such a way that you will gain applause in your life. Certainly; you might have a special aptitude for dealing with children, as one children will follow and look up to. You are dramatic and need to make your personal mark but it all depends on your performance as to whether you are a leader or just a daring show-off!

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