Monday, February 25, 2008

Taurus Sun Poem...


Such sweet charm has the patient time
You understand the true value of earth
You know the toil of mountain's climb
What's slow built up is all wait's worth

Financial security has the firm grasp
Though you know well love's expense
Created possessions are your clasp
And you have no time for rich pretence

Life is such that gives the richest taste
Would it all be blue roses and red wine
But you know that dreams are all waste
Realities long table is where you dine

Whatever your taste, Bull or herded Cow
Passionate over any prized possessions
What comes to you is what markets allow
And created security is your profession.

Your sense of loyalty is what gives you credit
And will you not accept any nature's change
Taking time sees the books with no-one's edit
In ordered convenience is Taurus in arrange

Poem by Ron S King.

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