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I am putting my book on this blos, about the Sun-Signs, so you get a better idea what the Sun is really all about within Astrology. It is hoped that, by reading this, you might then begin to understand that there is far more to one's nature than the Sun.

It should also be remembered that the Planets represent what is symbolised, as the Sun symbolises one's 'Flair', one's 'Ego' and how one 'Shines' or 'Shows-Off' in the life.
A Sun-Sign is simply a basic trait asnd it all depends under what 'Housing' the Sun sits.

After all; an Aries Sun in the Sixth House will have a different reaction than an Aries Sun which sits in the Tenth House... As is revealed in my book.



A look at the Sun-Signs as they go


COPYRIGHT 2007 --- Ron. S. King.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, Graphic, Electronic or Mechanical, including Photocopying, Recording, Taping, or by any information storage retrieval system without written permission of the publisher (Ron. S. King.), except in the case of brief quotations for articles or reviews.


I have studied the art of Astrology for many years; or rather, it has studied me, dragging my mind and emotions over many strange and wonderful paths (Allowing, of course, for my Sagittarian nature, which has had me sidetracking and looking ever deeper into uncharted territory!).

I have written other works on astrology, especially about Saturn, which has long fascinated me… But it does gall my astrological sensitivity when people ask me about their Sun-Sign, whether they are typical of that sign, or otherwise; especially those who take specific notice of generalized writings of the newspapers and magazines, which propose to state the day-to-day happenings of all the Sun-Signs.

For this reason and for the sake of astrological sanity, I decided to write this book and put the record straight as to why one with an Aries Sun-Sign would not be the same as another Aries Sun-Sign… This applies to all Sun-Signs.
I have drawn up thousands of charts and never had two exactly the same.
This book does not give an all-over explanation of astrology; just a look at each Sun-Sign as it goes for a run around the houses.


One has to understand that a Birth-Chart is a circle of 360 degrees. This is then divided into twelve houses, each house representing a different area within the life.

Depending on the birth data; the date and time of birth, plus where born; gives attention to where the Sun sits within the Birth-Chart, under what house the Sun sits.
Therefore; should an Aries Sun sit in the Fifth House (Denoting creativity), then the nature is somewhat different to the Aries Sun which sits within the Second House (Which focuses on financial security.)

In this book; I will write about each Sun-Sign, the first page given to the basic traits of that particular Sun-Sign… Then continue to write a page on the nature of the Sun-Sign when placed within each House.

It can be fun and the reader can look to each House and its reading, to realize that there are great differences from one Aries to another. (This applies to all Sun-Signs.)

Again; I do stress that astrology is not an exact science and leeway should be given, so the reader is not strictly governed by the writings within the magazines.

One has ‘Free Will’ and choice as to what direction one takes in life, nothing is actually predetermined, once you begin to understand your nature.


It is known that a Chart is a circle which is divided into twelve houses, each house indicating an area of the life.

What I write here is just the basics of the houses, their basic function. I write this to give you a simple idea of how life is affected should the Sun sit any of the houses, in what area one has a sense of pride, of creative ‘Flair’ and ‘Ego’.

Here are the houses and meanings…

1… Self-Security.
The First House shows how one acts, how one goes through life and the way one attains what is needed as a means to secure the self.

2… Financial Security.
The Second House shows how one deals with possessions and the sense of ownership, how one spends finances.

3… Security within Communication,
The Third House shows how one communicates, within speech and writing; it is logic and methods of communicative process.

4… Emotional Security.
The Fourth House shows how one ‘Feels’, one’s sense of atmosphere. It is emotive content, regarding memories of the past and collective instinct.

5… Creativity and Flair.
The Fifth House shows in what way one uses creative drives, how one might ‘Show-Off’. This gives indication of what one is ‘Proud’ of.

6,,, Co-Operation and Co-Working.
The Sixth House shows how one works with others, the sense of perfection, within health and motivation. It is the sense of practical method within work.

7… Relationships.
The Seventh House shows how and what one relates to, what attracts the nature. It is the ‘Give and take’ in life, between partnerships, equality and peace.

8… Shared Resources.
The Eighth House shows how one will share resources with a partner, what one receives. It is a ‘Beginning and Re-Birth’, the process of starting over.

9… Expanding Horizons.
The Ninth House shows how one furthers education through either travel or through study. It is a broadening of the mind through enthusiastic pursuits.

10… Reputation, Status within Career.
The Tenth House shows how one wants to be seen, as a public image. It is reputation, good or bad, and the career drive.

11… Ambition, Aspirations, Friendships.
The Eleventh House shows how one might join groups or have friends which enhance aspirations within the life.

12… Secrets, Higher Creativity.
The Twelfth House often disguises the way in which one uses a sense of imagination and illusions. It can produce the dreamer or the high artistic nature.

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