Saturday, February 16, 2008



It’s often a case that you will seek a home which represents your character, that you feel very comfortable in and proud of. Wherever and however you live, it has to have your personal stamp of approval and you might even tear the place apart, to rebuild it so that it bears your personal stamp.

You can bet your life, you will make sure you are in charge within the home, although you will share the home with a partner who is loyal to you. You do like to rule the roost and will be the Matriarch or Patriarch within the home. Children, too, you seek you out and take notice of what you say. Mind you, it can be there are times when you might act as the biggest child in the nursery, especially if anyone makes any kind of criticism against the home and family.

You tend to be cautious with your personal dealings with others and can be seen as aloof at times. Again; you are very aware of your personal reputation, in this way, you would want a palace and to be treated in rather a royal way within the home. The home is a prize that you are not happy to share with just anyone, you are quite particular about shared resources.

Emotionally; you will always feel the need to be on the move, to please yourself as to how and where you go. You will quickly get fired up, should anyone try to hold you back or anything cause you to feel claustrophobic.

Again; there is often a need to break away from your past, to begin a new lineage, to start again; this might cause you to change your name, or re-name any house you move into. There has to be a sense of individuality, with this combination, of Sun in Aries in the Fourth House.

Goals are often gained once you feel you have a secure habitat, a home you really feel at ‘Home’ in.

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