Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ARIES SUN in the 8th. HOUSE.


When the Aries Sun sits within the Eighth House, then life can be somewhat complex, simply because you might have some difficulty determining exactly what it is you want from a partnership. Often, there is a need to seek another who can dominate through areas of dreams, one who can make dreams come true.

You will need to find emotional security through shared resources, go through changes within the life, even to experiencing forms of spiritual transformation, so that you become a believer in the ‘Hereafter’.

In a strange way, birth and deaths, beginnings and endings, will have some effect on your life, changing the way you ‘See’ things, so that you learn life is not all about material gains and financial security. A partner might give you that, all the stability you need in life, but your search is for a more spiritual significance and for dreams of a perfect life.

This I the complexity of this combination, in that you show a cool, reflective, nature. You are one who likes to get things right, to work in a methodical way and are quick to spot problems and solve them. But, inside you, are there deep feelings and urges which you keep secret, deep emotional needs which, until you find the right partner to share these dream-feelings with, you can feel lost and alone.

In a strange way, you need so bad, to have a dominant personality lead the way, so intimate relationships bring changes to your nature and you change and find the growth which helps you evolve, to mature and become the parent with child.

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