Thursday, February 14, 2008



When it comes to finance, you can be in your element, a leading light in financial expertise, always there with the advice on spending and ‘Totting’ up the accounts.
However; one has to look at the nature of this combination, to realize that Aries dislikes holding back, or being held back; so there can be times of impulsive spending, or when pride comes into the frame.

You might be too quick to refuse an offer, feeling that you have no need of charity, your pride will not let you accept anything but the best. Certainly; you do not waste time with boring routine and will like to be continually busy, moving quickly from one job to nother with speed, your mind working like a cash register, always adding things to your list!

You may not be into working alongside others, more inclined to be above others and into delegation, passing down the small change for others to count up, you like to keep account of personal expenditure, spending money on toiletries and other things of personal hygiene.

While you are quite happy to help others with financial problems, or lend a helping hand, you are not happy should others care to classify you. You can be very discrete in your nature and hide yourself within an act, so that others are not exactly sure how to deal with you.

Others might only realize the bright side of you, or see something of the dreamer within you, that far-away look in your eyes, as if you are seeing outer-space pictures or creating a scene within your mind. It is only when it comes to dealing with financial security that your light is switched on and you attend to business!

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