Tuesday, February 12, 2008



The basic nature of the Aries Sun is termed as being…
This implies that the basic nature of the Aries is direct and positive in outlook, one who is fast into action in a spirited way.

The Aries has a most youthful outlook and often sees things through a child’s eyes; and often wants what it sees, going directly to the point of its attention. There is no tendency to look backwards, there is little time for rectification, for clearing up any mess which has been created in the rush to move forward.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of instant action, so there is aggression within the nature; however, there is never a desire to hurt another. The aggressive action can be caused through reaction to whoever or whatever stands in the way of an intended target.

Like most ‘Horned’ animals within the Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Capricorn.), there is some degree to be caught on the ‘Horns of a dilemma’; it s at such times, when coming to the cross-roads of life, that the Aries will not stop to make a decision, hence the dislike of time-stopping… The Aries will charge straight on, taking a nearest route and on into headaches!

Aries rules the ‘Head’ and will go headfirst into things, even during speech, there is a need to ‘Butt’ into a conversation, to get a quick point across. Here again; such actions can be tempered by other aspects within the Birth-Chart, only the basic nature is discussed at this time.
The Sun in Aries gives a quick pride, which can easily be hurt and the sense that ‘Actions speak louder than words’!

What you have just read is the basic traits of the ARIES SUN-SIGN...

What you read next is how the Aries Sun reacts when placed in each of the twelve houses; one reason why one Aries can differ from another Aries...

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